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The recordings below are weekly meditations to help you develop a closer relationship with your sponsoring master, the ascended master or saint in heaven that you feel closest to. For some, it may be Jesus or Mother Mary, For others, Gautama Buddha or Kuan Yin—Maitreya, Kuthumi, Saint Germain or El Morya.

The ascended master Kuthumi taught students of Theosophy that to nurture a relationship with a sponsoring master, we meditate on the master's presence and do good works in the master's name. This is our goal.

The relationship with the sponsoring master is a figure-eight flow. Through free will, we choose our sponsoring master. And through our earnestness and striving, the master chooses us. In the words of the Prophet Isaiah, “Thou art my servant; I have chosen thee.”

Every ascended master in heaven has become one with the universal Christ consciousness. The particular master we choose to be our guide up the mountain of Self is our personal sponsor. He or she is our divine helper in the daily process of becoming one with God. As Jesus taught, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.”

Every meditation is a unique experience, a pearl of heavenly contact. Some of the meditations include teachings on overcoming our self-limiting personal psychology so we can draw nearer in vibration to the master's presence. Other meditations are a mystical climbing of Jacob's ladder, leading us up the Tree of Life, akin to the Throne-Chariot meditations experienced by Kabbalists of old. Every meditation begins with an opening invocation where we call upon the divine assistance of many heavenly beings and ascended masters.

Our sponsoring master meditations strengthen our daily communion with God in the Secret Chamber of the Heart—with our higher self, our Holy Christ Self. The Holy Christ Self is the bridegroom and our soul is the bride to be, in the alchemical marriage that has been called the Marriage of the Lamb.

Jesus' presence and the presence of other masters can tangibly be felt during these meditations. We give thanks to their overshadowing presence in helping to prepare the way of the Lord in our own temple, that we may also become One in the mystical body of God—as above so below.

To benefit most from these meditation recordings, please place a portrait of the master you have chosen as your sponsor before your gaze. Portraits of the masters can be found in many locations, including www.ascendedmasterindex.com. If you would like more information about the ascended masters in order to better choose a sponsoring master, please visit ascendedmasterindex.com.

These weekly meditations are led by Brian or Therese Emmanuel Grey. If you would like to participate in these weekly meditations live, via phone or internet, please email us for more information.

Thank you for finding us. New meditations will be posted each month, so we hope you will visit us often. We wish you a blessed walk and talk with your master each day, for the rest of your life.

Brian and Therese

May 17, 2012 Meditation on the One Sent

May 1, 2012 O Come Emmanuel, Meditation on the Cloud by Day and Pillar of Fire by Night

April 26, 2012 My Christ Self Loves Me, This I Know

Apil 19, 2012 He That Is In Me Is Greater Than He That Is In the World

April 12, 2012 I AM Alpha and Omega in the White Fire Core of Being

April 5, 2012 I AM the Violet Flame

February 16, 2012 Meditation on the Om, We'll Come Home

February 9, 2012 Take My Hand: Meditation on the Lion, the Man, the Calf and the Flying Eagle

February 2, 2012 Meditation on the Transfiguration, the Buddha and the Mother of the Buddhas

January 27, 2012 In the Retreat of Lord Himalaya

January 19, 2012 The Consciousness of the Little Child

January 5, 2012 Holiness Unto the Lord

Dec. 21, 2011 Solstice Meditation on the Buddha

Dec. 15, 2011 Meditation on Ishvara: Candidates for the Ascension

Dec. 8, 2011 The Soul in the Manger of the Heart

Dec. 1, 2011 The Star of Bethlehem: He That Is In Me, Is Greater Than He That Is In the World

Nov. 17, 2011 Meditation on Lord Maitreya and the Christic Seed

Nov. 10, 2011 I Will Not Leave Thee O My Lord

Teaching on the Lord Coming into our Temple

Nov. 3, 2011 In the Hall of Mirrors with Saint Germain

Teaching on the New Jerusalem and Decree for the Transfiguration

October 27, 2011 My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord

October 20, 2011 In the Presence of the Atman

October 6, 2011 Let the Children Come Unto Me

Sept. 29 2011 Meditation on the Great Pyramid with Serapis Bey

Sept. 22, 2011 Removing the Pockets of Darkness within our Consciousness

Sept. 15, 2011 On the Sponsoring Master Relationship and the Golden Ratio Spiral

Sept. 8, 2011 Sponsoring Master Clearance on the Twelve Lines of the Clock

Sept. 1, 2011 Meditation on our Father-Mother God

Aug. 25, 2011 Meditation on Total Surrender

Aug. 18, 2011 Meditation on the Divine Mother and the Causal Body

Aug. 11, 2011 Accepting Our Personal Value and Responsibility

Aug. 4, 2011 Transcending the negativities and the “I can't” consciousness


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